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Tuesday, April 3


Spinning Laramie: Engaging a community ED 215Scott Knowles The Art of Making Art: Learning to Collaborate BU 110Brandon Grayson ATLAS ThorleyParker Hess Thunderground: Turning a crazy idea into a reality ED 102Billy Clouse A Blonde in China - Journey of Excellence ED 205Maura Knutsen Calling a Nazi on the Phone? Wolfgang Hildesheimer's Tynset as Imagined Dialogue between Holocaust Survivor and Perpetrator BU 102Rosa Perez • Corey Twitchell Civic engagement and conservation outreach in Colombia: SUU assists the 2017 International Congress for Conservation Biology ED 204Jacqualine Grant • Alyssa Marabella La Casa de Bernarda Alba as a reflection of Spain during the Francoist era ED 203Alejandra Portolés Colás Nanoparticle Fabrication and Microfluidic Devices ED 104Chris Monson The use of phosphatidylserine containing supported lipid bilayers as a method for separating copper binding proteins from non-copper binding proteins. BU 101Dylan Keiser • Nate Mitchell Using Exoplanet Transits to Calibrate the Great Basin Observatory LIB 002Katherine Wilcox Dance Therapy: Historical and Clinical Applications ED 202Ashlee Humphries Determining the Redox Potential of Erythrocytes via 19F NMR Spectroscopy ED 111Jacob Lambertsen Incorporating Place-Based Learning & Community-Based Research in Courses at SUU ED 103Elizabeth Olson Teaching Teachers How to Modify Curricula. LIB 201 ACarrie Bucklin The Effect of Algebra on Critical Thinking BU 103Edgar Judd An Inside Look at Cedar City's Shelter LIB Reading RoomLisa Perlin Cedar High Special education room 601 adventures LIB Reading RoomHailee Jenson Domestic Violence Against Women LIB Reading RoomMadeline Jerome Establishing SUU's Community Education Initiatives Based on Audience Research ED 200Haven Scott • Melynda Thorpe Hand Washing- The Key to Preventing Illness LIB Reading RoomTavish Nelson Importance of Hand washing LIB Reading RoomSally Almond • Mary Bugg • Mary Holdsworth Suicide Awareness within SUU's Student Population LIB Reading RoomJesse Johnson Wifi Vulnerabilities: How You Are Being Hacked! LIB Reading RoomDustin Williams Assessing the Queer Community Needs for Southern Utah University LIB Reading RoomSeth York Modernized Planner For Students LIB Reading RoomCaitlin Winget My Paths in Life LIB Reading RoomDiana Moore Sculpting Using CNC Technology BallroomBrian Swanson Thunderbird Film Festival LIB Reading RoomAmanda Walton What is the point? Art Education Club LIB Reading RoomJessica Jones Accessibility for You! LIB Reading RoomTurki Bajunayd • Dietrich Nell Is Your Information Secure? LIB Reading RoomZach Christensen • Jared Porter • Kyle Steib Protect Yourself From Post-Cyberattack Fallout. LIB Reading RoomMatthew Conover • Brandon Matheson • Gavin Puckett Rise and Shine LIB Reading RoomKatrina Mehring • Braden Roberts Social Engineering: Are you vulnerable? LIB Reading RoomJoshua Collins • Alexandra Lefort Utilizing GIS Web Apps & the SUU Basemap for Utility Management LIB Reading RoomKelton Stephens Opening My Eyes in Tokyo LIB Reading RoomSamantha Thompson A Study of Ringtail (Bassariscus astutus) Genetic Diversity in Southern Utah LIB Reading RoomLaura Aston Aviation Licensing: Raising SUU Pilots above the Competition LIB Reading RoomWilliam Adsitt Compounding Social Media Posts LIB Reading RoomAnthony Braun Death with Dignity a viable option? LIB Reading RoomKayleen Nielsen EET Excercycle II BallroomManuel Luna INMOOV Humanoid Robot Project BallroomAhmed Almuhaydili • Naif Alobthani • Hector Cruz • Casey Gamble • Eric Gibson • Jeffrey Hranek • Elijah John • Hadiibah John • Manuel Luna • Keith Mankle • Spencer Richardson • Ben Thrift InMoov Robot Motorized Stand Design BallroomDillon Bauer • Ben Thrift Supersonic Test Track Automated Cleaner LIB Reading RoomDavid Armijo • Zach Meiring • Ben Thrift Conservation genetics of black bears (Ursus americanus) in southwestern New Hampshire LIB Reading RoomKaetlyn Revels Adalie Designs - Blossoming into Business LIB Reading RoomAdalie Call Enterprise Class Logging, for Free - SED Quest for Functionality, Compliance, and Security LIB Reading RoomDan Taylor A Preliminary Study of Genetic Diversity in Ant Populations at the Southern Utah University Mountain Center LIB Reading RoomReggie Allen • Johanna Garavito • Makayla Oborn • Emily Olsen • Brent Thacker • Michael Tyler Effect of salinity on the hatching Brachinecta lindahli Packard, 1883. LIB Reading RoomNayla Rhein Evaluating Water Quality With Next-Generation Sequencing of Diatom Species LIB Reading RoomSpencer Bleazard • Tyler Colfack • Emily Cottam • Trayston Frazier • Paola Garrison-Tovar • Chandler Reed Exploring the Human Pressure of Antler Shed Gathering on Mule Deer LIB Reading RoomRyan Briggs • Bleu Huxford • Lance Lynn Habitat Analysis of the Greater Sage-Grouse LIB Reading RoomChristina Tinsley Identifying Factors Contributing to Spatial Patterns of Wildlife Vehicle Collisions LIB Reading RoomMichael Christiansen • Arsene Mugisha Investigation of plant-fungi associations in the phyllosphere and endosphere of Greenleaf Manzanita (Arctostaphylos patula) LIB Reading RoomPayton Carter • Shelby Osborne Muzzle Brake LIB Reading RoomJordan Hussey Outdoor Engagement at SUU LIB Reading RoomJoshua Anderson • Alyssa Brunson • Briget Eastep • Miranda Gubler Pitfall trap comparison of beetle fauna of a Coppiced dune system in Washington County, Utah LIB Reading RoomJustin Ross • Brian Thompson Semester in the Parks LIB Reading RoomMaia Milligan Simulation of Fire-induced germination of Greenleaf Manzanita (Arctostaphylos, patula) LIB Reading RoomTiffany Chin • Sarah Elisa Steinbach Survey of the invasive northern crayfish (Orconectes virilis) in Quail Creek Utah LIB Reading RoomWendy Graham • Andrew King • Ryan Schroeder The effect of urbanization on genetic diversity in southern Utah ant populations LIB Reading RoomJohanna Garavito Balanced Nutrition for College Students LIB Reading RoomBreeAnne Rowland College-Aged Women's Knowledge and Purchasing Selection of Prenatal Supplements LIB Reading RoomMarianne Lummus • Eva Parry Effects of Mood on the perception of Risky Behavior LIB Reading RoomJamie Enright • Malena Taylor Fluid Dynamics Simulations of Flow in Biological Systems LIB Reading RoomHubert Dayish Getting your face to work for you, not against you. LIB Reading RoomNathan Craven • Anna Wasden Improve your School Experience: Get Enough Sleep LIB Reading RoomDiana Mason Living an Active Life LIB Reading RoomPaxton Edwards • Abigail Fredrick • Carrie Holt • Jamie Nelson MASS AND ENERGY EXPENDITURE DURING INDOOR TREADWALL ROCK CLIMBING LIB Reading RoomTaylor Clement • Sterling Rose Palladium-Catalyzed Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reactions of (E)-Styrylboronic Acid Pinacol Ester with Aromatic Bromides LIB Reading RoomMarcus Mifflin Synthesis of (Z)-Stilbene Derivatives LIB Reading RoomBrenton Bushnell Synthesis of Alcohols from Epoxides Using Visible Light LIB Reading RoomChristopher Ozeretny The Effect of Hydration Status of Collegiate Female Tennis Players at Southern Utah University LIB Reading RoomRebecca Brinkerhoff • Cloe Stocking The Significance of the Squat Exercise LIB Reading RoomLiz Cafferty Art and Aggression LIB Reading RoomAshlyn Judd The effect of the timing and duration of pain, and personality on visual memory LIB Reading RoomGiovanna Del Sordo Body of Work: OERs in an Integrated Anatomy and First-Year Writing Class LIB Reading RoomRebekah Smith • Trevor Zollinger College Students' Attitudes Towards Collaboration in Online Courses LIB Reading RoomMichiko Kobayashi Inspiring Youngsters to STEM Fields through FIRST LEGO Robots LIB Reading RoomSean Brown • Zach Christensen • Conner Cox • Michael Isom • Mitch Nelson • Jared Porter • Dezhi Wu Overcoming the Sophomore Slump LIB Reading RoomAmmon Harris Problems encountered and Lessons learned when adopting a non-majors OER textbook in a majors Microbiology Course LIB Reading RoomRoger Gold Using a DNA puzzle kit as an example of active learning in the classroom BallroomJonathan Karpel Utah Student Nurses Association Convention LIB Reading RoomNicole Williamson Virtual Reality: Reinventing the Classroom LIB Reading RoomCashe Collins • Travis Floyd • Christian Garcia • Timothy Hancock • Kevin Schwaar • Jun Yong Zhao Three works from the SAAG 2017 National Juried Show in Blue Ridge, Georgia. LIB 200Eric Brown Contemporary Three Dimensional Art Event Center Display CasesSusan Harris • Student Student • Russell Wrankle Production Ephemera from "Retro-Active 10 Years of Science Fiction" SUMASam Davis






Shoes and Dreams Living RoomJohn Woolley The Fine Line of Native American Dance Appropriation BU 101Madi Maynard "The Perfection of the Hideous": The New England Gothic Tradition BU 110Christopher Clark Becoming Clear: Abstract Choreography and Inescapable Meaning” ThorleyMichael Crotty Classifying Schur Rings over the Integers ED 102Nicholas Bastian • Jaden Brewer A comparison of light and darkness as symbols in "Él sí de las niñas" by Leandro Moratín and "Don Juan Tenorio" by José Zorrilla ED 203Brayden Jackman Cultures of London 2 ED 204Kat Benally • Kaylee Broderick • Sierra Chowen • Kilee Cummings • Kurt Harris Developing Grassroots Chinese, American Friendship ED 205Shauna Mendini Variation of Dialectal Features in Spain According to Socioeconomics and Educational Levels LIB 201 AAlejandra Portolés Colás Heat Transfer of a Phase Change Material Thermal Energy System LIB 002Harley Glad • Ben Thrift • Daniel Ulrich Suspicious Patterning: Aesthetic Implications in Margaret Cavendish's Nature ED 215Tessa Brunnenmeyer The Body in Extremity: Sarah Kane and the effect of affect ED 111Scott Knowles The Reliability of the Standing Long Jump in NCAA Track and Field Athletes ED 202Corrina Reid Live from Studio97 ED 104Shane Flanigan Not-So-Secret Agent: The Teacher's Role in Social Justice ED 103Joel Judd The New College of Sciences, Society, Humanities and Engineering. BU 103Aaron Ganss • Jonathan Hatch • Gideon Johnson • Jeremy Osbourne • Saxon Spillman



Bringing Health Education and Encouraging Independence in an Elder of the Cedar City Community. ED 215Kayla Smith Parking Problems at SUU: Aerial Drone Footage and Statistics BU 101Allie Maughan • Dillon Maughan • Kendal Maughan • Brandon Wiggins Breaking into The Baker Street Boys Club: Laurie King's Mary Russell Series and "The Game" BU 110Charla Strosser Inequality in Entertainment Media: Censorship, Erasure, and Gender Bias ED 102Carlee Jo Blumenthal A Glimpse Into Global Healthcare ED 205Jake Brown Cultures of London 3 ED 204James Caron • Zoe Chadwick • Kurt Harris • Toby Prettyman • Brenda Schuette Linguistic Differences between Men and Women LIB 201 AShawn Brady The Diathermometer and the Thermal Conductivity of Air LIB 002Casey Cooper Tidal Disruptions radius's around black holes ED 104Payton Christensen • Kyle Christiansen Evaluation of cultivatable rhizosphere-associated bacteria isolated from Manzanita (Arctostaphylos patula) in Southern Utah for plant growth promoters ED 203Michael Hope • Agueda Rodriguez The Effect of Terpinen-4- ol on Blood Vessel Diameter in Frogs ED 111Mark Albrecht • Brock Orme • Mary Jo Tufte The Third Week Survey: Understanding the Student Retention Forecast from the Beginning ED 202Evan Miller Emphasizing Identity and Culture in ENGL 2010 ED 103Laura Walker SUU Halversen Strings ThorleyChristian Bohnenstengel • Roberto Gomez • Douglas Ipson • Lawrence Johnson • Treven Lowry • Zane Lowry • Mailelauli'i Pai • SUU Halversen Strings • Xun Sun






"High Crimes and Misdemeanors," The Constitutional Basis for Presidential Impeachment: A Tribute to the Work of Francis Dunham Wormuth ED 215G. Michael Stathis Exploratory Research of Artifact Management and Curation Practices BU 101Ammon Treasure Costume Crafts BFA Portfolio Review Randall Jones LobbyNatalie Clark The "Mythic Sublime" in Irish Mythology BU 110Morrigan DeVito Panel "The Impact of Social factors on Linguistic Variation" Talk: "Linguistic Differences between Men and Women" ED 204Shawn Brady • Alejandra Portolés Colás Religious Identity as a Component of National Identity in Post-Communist Europe ED 111Darra Deane • Matt Stead Athletic Training in the Community ED 102Sterling Rose Quantitative Determinations of Elements in Soil Using an X-Ray Fluorimeter ED 104Mikaila Cook • Daniel Forbes • Alex Peterson Sport Rock Climbing: Nutrition and Hydration Considerations for One of the Newest Olympic Events LIB 002Abigail Larson Too sexy for the Pell Grant? Nudging students toward applying for college and financial aid ED 205Joshua Price Quantifying the impacts of highways on genetic structure and diversity in two kangaroo rat species in the lower Sonoran Desert of Arizona ED 203Karl Jarvis The Impact of Psychology on Exercise - and vice versa ED 202Dallas Higginbotham Life or death by syllabus: Your choice BU 103Cynthia Kimball Davis • Michelle Miller Online & Graduate Education Incorporating and addressing Engaged and High Impact Practices. ED 103Tony Pellegrini Byron Songs: A Lecture-Recital ThorleyDouglas Ipson • Lawrence Johnson Exaggeration, Obfuscation, and Evaluation in a Post-Truth World BU 102Caitlin Gerrity • Eric Morrow • Nathan Price Trees are the Answer! - How to select & grow the right ones for Utah. Native Plant CenterBarry Pearson Community Nursing: Healthy Handwashing LIB Reading RoomBrittany Huxford Disgust Sensitivity Better Predicts Political Ideology than Disgust Reappraisal LIB Reading RoomAnjelica Ashworth • Giovanna Del Sordo • Garrett Strosser Evaluating the Benefits of Volunteers in Police Service (V.I.P.S.) LIB Reading RoomNicole Ruelas Evaluation of Cultivatable Rhizosphere-associated Bacteria Isolated from Crispleaf Buckwheat (Eriogonum corymbosum) in Southern Utah for Plant Growth Promoters LIB Reading RoomAdam Beales • Josh Osborne Gun Control LIB Reading RoomJeremy Aleman • Samantha Guerra • Adam Pacec Nutrition Assessment Pros and Cons: Analyzing Nutrition in Nicaragua LIB Reading RoomNaomi Beatty Sexual Health: Let's Play a Game! LIB Reading RoomShay Clark The Ins and Outs of a Nonprofit Organization: A Volunteer's perspective LIB Reading RoomCrystal Martinez What's Stopping You? The psychology behind why we don't stop at stop signs. LIB Reading RoomShaylee Barney • Austin Francis • Karina Marchant Why GDP Is Not A Good Measure of Economic Well-Being LIB Reading RoomCourtney Hunsaker Brooke Ann's Food Blog LIB Reading RoomBrooke Mathews Changes in Water Chemistry In Cedar City Irrigation Systems LIB Reading RoomDonald Long Jr. The World percussion Group Tour with Dr. Lynn Vartan LIB Reading RoomLynn Vartan Applications of Machine Learning LIB Reading RoomCashe Collins • Joseph Cunningham • Katrina Mehring • Devi Sharma • Justin Thomas Cyber Security Knowledge LIB Reading RoomSteven Cutler • Chad Grogg • Trystan Humphries Quite Far From the Point: A Statistical Analysis of Accuracy in Recreation-Grade GPS Units LIB Reading RoomAdym Warhurst • Chapman White Smart Cities: The Impact on Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants LIB Reading RoomHussam AlHussain • Taylor Harrell • Shannon Vogelesang Social Media Challenges LIB Reading RoomAlison Bench • Melody English • Ann Taylor Hinton • Kyle Peterson • Payton Wintle Video Games: Cheating Tools LIB Reading RoomTurki Bajunayd • Junming Chen • Yaohui Jiang • Sterling Johnson Cultural Immersion Trip to Nicaragua LIB Reading RoomVannessa VanWart A new gigantic sea spider in the genus Colossendeis LIB Reading RoomBonnie Bain • Jordan Parker Ablation Rates Under Catalyzed Deuterium flow LIB Reading RoomBen Thrift Ag Nanoparticle Synthesis with Microfluidic Devices LIB Reading RoomMax Brown • Kyler Radmall • Rachel Radmall Investigation of a crossed benzoin-like condensation. LIB Reading RoomMaxwell Bowles LEECHES (HIRUDINIDA) OF THE NORTH CENTRAL UNITED STATES LIB Reading RoomBonnie Bain • Fredric Govedich Microfluidic Devices for Bioanalytical Analysis LIB Reading RoomDaniel Eves Modernized Orthorectification Process of Wildfire Thermal Imagery LIB Reading RoomMichaela Truman Revisions to the FAI: A new way to measure state anger LIB Reading RoomLogan Ashworth The Development of a Cavity Assisted Absorption Spectrometer Case LIB Reading RoomLogan Evans • Harley Glad • Daniel Ulrich The Effect of the Media on Civil Law LIB Reading RoomElizabeth Pittman The effects of alcohol on the emotions and behaviors of college age students LIB Reading RoomTiffany Basinger • Fidel Concepcion • Howard Hu • Max Mason • Carmen Reese • Morgan Supanich • Chelsea Thompson APPLICATION OF UNITED STATES (US) ANTITRUST LAWS TO HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PRACTICE AND POLICY LIB Reading RoomGerald Calvasina Marketing: Apple vs. Android LIB Reading RoomAshlee Eggett • Clay Horton PAC President Leadership Experience LIB Reading RoomLevi Brown Southern Utah University Undergraduate Assistant Coach LIB Reading RoomCharles Wilford A Survey of Biodiversity in Southern Utah LIB Reading RoomSierra Ball Does mode of locomotion affect respiration rate LIB Reading RoomRandon Coleman Genetic Diversity and landscape gentics of Ants at Three Peaks LIB Reading RoomReggie Allen Investigating the Light-Absorbing Properties of Dipyrroles common to Bilins LIB Reading RoomClayton Staheli Outdoors and Academics LIB Reading RoomHeather Durfee • Deborah Mulowayi • Abigail Silva • Sajina Tiwari Plasticity of etiolation and water storage in succulent leaves under different light conditions LIB Reading RoomBrock Hunter Semester in the Parks LIB Reading RoomMaia Milligan Spiny Soft Shell Turtle Diet Analysis LIB Reading RoomGavin Jones • Kyson McBride • Gavin Stapely Wolbachia Infection Rates in Southern Utah Ants LIB Reading RoomLogan Tuttle "Balance and stability exercises" Improving one's performance LIB Reading RoomHouser Duncan 3D Modeling of an Acute Supraspinatus Tear in a Skeletally Mature Individual LIB Reading RoomAustin Martinez Academic Grit Scale: An Initial Psychometric Evaluation LIB Reading RoomVanessa Barton • Megan Golson • Lauren Roylance Can't Get No Satisfaction: The Impact of Shame, Religiosity, and Pornography LIB Reading RoomTyler Haroldsen • Brady Johnson College Students Knowledge and Misconceptions of the Caloric Value of Foods. LIB Reading RoomMatt Schmidt Hangry: A James-Lange Explication LIB Reading RoomLogan Ashworth Predicting Suicide Risk from Religious Strain LIB Reading RoomSaid Huante • Belen Husselbee • Marissa Nelson • Garrett Strosser Reactivity of the Novel Flame Retardant TTBP-TAZ with Biological Molecules LIB Reading RoomRyan Briggs • Connor McInyre Slack line training compared to floor based training for balance and strength. LIB Reading RoomCory Cox • Cameron Smith Strategies for Calming the Chaos of Living in Today's World for Better Health LIB Reading RoomSharon Ford Students' Hydration LIB Reading RoomSydnie Climer • Ryan Koch • Kevin Paul • Bowen Wang Synthesis of Alkyl-Substituted trans-Alkenes by Palladium-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reaction LIB Reading RoomMason Smith Synthesis of Aziridines LIB Reading RoomHayden Bishop The effect allergies have on our peers LIB Reading RoomJaCoy Christensen • Whitney Maxwell • Hannah Shields • Natalie Thomas • Courtney Wadsworth The Role of Multiple Stimuli in Short-term Memory Retention LIB Reading RoomTrevor Zollinger The Shame of High and Low Pornography Users with Their Self-Control, Anxiety, and Depression LIB Reading RoomSimone Aarre • Jenica Heaton • Carisa Wood Validity of Wearable Devices in Determining Step Count in Hiking and Trail Running LIB Reading RoomCharli D. Aguilar • Nathaniel G. Bodell • Mark DeBeliso • Gabriela Guzman • Brandi Kam • Ana Lujan • Jacob Manning • Jeffrey Montes • James Navalta Diversity at SUU LIB Reading RoomJustin Douglas Introducing Spectroscopy to High Schools LIB Reading RoomLynelle Dennis Learning Why Students Leave Lab Early LIB Reading RoomScott Adair Using Video-making as a Tool for Empowering Students to Self-Assess Social Emotional Learning Skills LIB Reading RoomLee Montgomery



Dilemmas and Decisions: A Case Study of Southern Utah University Women Professionals ED 215Rebekah Smith Food Sovereignty, Health, and Traditional Diets BU 101Shalise Jenkins Losing One's Selfie: Facial Obliteration in Contemporary Art ED 205Andrew Marvick Shakespeare as a Pastoral Artist: Pastoralism and Role Reversal in Shakespeare's 2 and 3 Henry VI BU 110Katie Meyers So It's Come to This- A Culmination of a Theatre Tech & Design BFA Randall Jones LobbyRuth Faulkner Women's Liberation and Jazz Dance in 1920's America ThorleyMorgan Jenson State of the State: Information Literacy Instruction across Utah BU 102Anne Diekema • Caitlin Gerrity • Paula Mitchell The Mystical Past and the Lucrative Present: New Age Archaeological Tourism in the Andes ED 204Emily Dean A Reflection of the Work of Douglass C. North and The New Institutional Economics (NIE) ED 102Ravi Roy An Old World Media, Revived LIB 002Chloe Howe Soil analysis of molybdenum metal near Milford, UT ED 104Matthew Harmon • Arsene Mugisha Progress on Evaluating Groundwater Flow Interactions between Basin and Range Faults and the Markagunt Gravity Slide: Implications for the Panguitch Municipal Watershed, Southwest Utah ED 203Zachary Smith Health During First Time Pregnancy ED 202Stephanie Bernstein • Randi Gallup • Sarah Graf • Abbey London Collaboration in the Arts: Writing a 20-Author Short Story Collection BU 103Chelsea Campbell • Rhett Steadman • Alexis Taylor Community Engaged Learning @ SUU ED 111Earl Mulderink Using Open Educational Resources and Project-Based Learning to Teach Research Methods and Statistics: a Student's View. ED 103Liz Cafferty • Abigail Larson


Exploring Trans Identity - Unlearning Gender, Critical Allyship Practice, and Community Uplift ED 215Christopher Mendoza Pokémon: 20 years of digital culture BU 101Thomas M. Ruiz Michael Demasi Portfolio: Bigger Steps Randall Jones LobbyMichael Demasi Self-Identity and Social-Identity: The Battle for Homogeneity BU 110Emma White Autism Awareness ED 102Tommy Ligman The Effectiveness of Sediment Removal from Coal Creek River ED 104Theresa Marie Bagaporo • Andria Burdick • Brett Clouse • Allison Hadley The Negative Repercussions of Penny-Pinching at the Gas Pump LIB 201 ACody Nielson Stripping Supported Lipid Bilayers LIB 002Michael Ornstead JSYK: Heart-based hope leaders communicate to create hopeful cultures ED 205Cynthia Kimball Davis Characterization of Major Anions of Coal Creek ED 203Chinedu Ahanonu • Kyle Christiansen • Jacob Painter Diastereoselectivity of the Nucleophilic Addition Reaction of the (±)-Menthylmagnesium Chloride Grignard Reagent with Phenyl Isocyanate ED 202Rebecca Maedgen • Myla Pereira • Nathan Werner Do re mi fa sing: Levels of engagement in secondary choral methods BU 103Krystal McCoy • Macey Naumann The Wonders of Mathematics with Desmos. ED 103Bryan Bradford Storytelling: Crafting Engaging Stories Worth Sharing BU 102Lexi Carter • Nikki Koontz • Kenzie Lundberg • Ellen Treanor Directing II 3-Minute Film Festival: Restless, Elegiac, and Hope ThorleyAmanda DeBry • Directing II Film Project Finalists • Sawyer Griffin • Abigail Nakken • Jessi Sommer Colonial Latin American Literature / Literatura Latinoamericana Colonial ED 204Alejandra Portolés Colás • Kolton Elmer • Luke Heaton • Iliana Portaro • Marissa Speakman Discovering Diversity Through Identity and Privilege ED 111Tyler Barber • Autumn Boren • Haley Christiansen • Alex Curtis • Hannah Dowse




Domestic and Interpersonal Violence ED 215Sumer Graff • Madeleine Horne • Andrea Ramhoff • Alyson Tilby Why should America care about the effects of climate change on the Marshall Islands? BU 101Damon Swain Body Love ThorleySofie Scaletta Technical Direction: The Only Direction For Me. Randall Jones LobbyTiffany Cannon The Blind That Truly See: An Investigation of Sight Within Oedipus Rex BU 110Kathryn Wilcken 508 Accessibility Testing: Are you compliant? BU 102Jocelyn Bojorquez • Cassidy Mickelson Developing a Cheap and Efficient DNA Purification Method LIB 002Bryan Pearson First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then comes Comunication Issues ED 104CieJae Briggs • Michaela Call • Jasey Wyatt Philosophy of Geology: An Under-Developed but Promising Interdisciplinary Research Program ED 111Johnny MacLean • James Sage The History of Hip Hop LIB 201 AChristian Parkinson "The Handmaid's Tale" and "Herland": Analyzing Gender through Dystopia and Utopia ED 102Hanna Dawson Virtual Offices: The Workplace of the Future ED 205Teigen Judd • Andrew Phelps Determination of Chlorophyll Concentration in Coal Creek by Spectrofluorometry ED 203Jacob Lambertsen • Kyler Radmall • Rachel Radmall Synaptotagmin Localization in Zebrafish Embryos ED 202Emily James Classroom-based experiential education at the site of the 2017 Brian Head fire BU 103Rachel Bolus • Matt Ogburn Curriculum Innovation Grant (CIG) Report: Creating a research community in the genetics lab at SUU ED 103Jacqualine Grant • Karl Jarvis Colonial Latin American Literature / Literatura Latinoamericana Colonial ED 204Brandon Hales • Brookayla Nelson • Sandra Overbey • Iliana Portaro • Miriam Velasco





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